BgInfo automatically displays relevant information about a Windows computer on the desktop’s background, such as the computer name, IP address, service pack version, and more. This script also adds a feature not native to BGInfo; The ability to refresh the screen at a user defined interval.

Script Version 9
Updated 11/25/2011
Works With LiveXP, VistaPE, Win7RescuePE, Win7PE_SE
Dependencies Winbuilder 076 or greater, CommonAPI v.15 or greater
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v9 – 11/25/11

  • Minor code cleanup for faster building.

v8 – 11/07/11

  • RunBGInfo.exe v1.2.2 – Fixes for Win7x64 “no background image”

v7 – 10/28/10

  • RunBGInfo.exe v1.2.0 – Fixes for Win7 and x64, on-the-fly refresh rate change, refresh now and exit and restore option
  • fixes for x64 builds
  • will now wait until penetwork.exe/penetcfg.exe have terminated or 1 minute has elapsed before running BGInfo so IP information can be retreived.

v4 – 11/08/09

  • RunBGInfo.exe v1.1.2 – workaround for garbled display issue.
  • added some dependencies needed for displaying network info in LiveXP.
  • minor code cleanups

v3 – 10/26/09

  • added refresh option for normal mode (background wallpaper).
  • added some dependencies needed for minimal LiveXP build.
  • download/unpack now uses CommonAPI
  • removed vistaPE hack as it is no longer needed with JonF’s changes
  • minor code cleanups

v2 – 7/30/09

  • fixed customize button not working if script has not been run before.

v1 – 7/30/09

  • initial release